Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toes, Friends and Sunsets

One of my favorite treats since moving here is going with friends to get toes painted. It is not like the pedicure you get in the states, not even close, this is amazing. You get to sit in one of the most comfortable chairs invented and have your feet treated like a delicate work of art by what are in my opinion fabulous artists. After amazing messages and treatments and being pampered you then get a design and color of your choosing, (from a huge selection) delicately painted upon your toes. Here are some photos of the art work my friends and I had painted on our most recent venture.
Excuse my pregnant swollen feet. I normally stick with more traditional colors but in order of our baby boy soon to be born I went with blue.
I am amazed at the tiny scroll work they were able to do even on my tiny toe and the way they place small bits of glitter in precise spots. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail, not that any one wants to see the details on my feet.
These are the designs my friends had painted upon there little footsies.

We had the pleasure of getting to visit with our former neighbor and dear friend from North Dakota. We have all moved on to different bases so it was a treat to see him. Because he broke down in our neck of the woods we got to have a fun visit, but I'm sorry that breaking down caused him to get back to his family later than planned. We know what it is like anxiously waiting for dad to get home. These are just some beautiful sun set pictures that my sweet husband took from our house. I feel it is hard to feel forgotten by our Heavenly Father when he takes the time to bless us with such beautiful sunsets as these. In a world currently fill with such devastation, cruelty and mayhem it is nice to stop and look and the beauty that sits right in front of us.

Last but not least, this is currently our pet, well it was until we set him free, all tho I'm sure he will be back. This is the gecko that lives in the artificial greenery in our house.
So there you have it, our most recent tidbits. Maybe not the most exciting, but they are the little adventures that make up our days.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Operation Deny Anniversary

So my wife is letting me do a post here, since it is kind of a painful subject. A typhoon came through, and, as we hear is always the case, it was going to hit on the weekend. Instead of having our anniversary date, I had to typhoon evac to Guam.
And this is the horrible place I had to spend the long weekend.
Fellow travelers at the hotel.
Everyone did fine back home. The only damage we suffered was dents in the car door from the neighbors trash can. 120 knot winds did hit the island, and some people had windows blown out, roofs ripped off, and trampolines blown away. All the leaves were gone from the jungle, and the beautiful canopy that was full of flowers was completely stripped away, down to the bare branches. It's weird, looking like winter in summer.