Sunday, July 8, 2012

Father-son campout, killer butterflies & my new favorite beach

I got to take my oldest son to a father-son camp out on Torii beach.

Those that know me, know how I feel about camping, so they know it has to be a beautiful place for me to sleep outside. It was great to be w/him. We really liked it, and we took three boys who's father was deployed.

Such a cute kid.

It was a good time.
This was the next day coming home from church, but these two were so cute it was worth adding.

We went back up to the butterfly park on one of my day's off, and our daughter was still terrified of the wild brutes. I had to show this pic of her sheer terror as one landed on her.
This little baby has started crawling and wore himself out.

On a recent flight I took a bunch of aerial shots of the island. 

The water is incredible. In the middle pic, the harbor on the right is where we went to watch the Dragonboat races.
So handsome
The following are pictures of my new favorite beach--Moon Beach. It is so amazingly beautiful. There were fish all around. I even saw two color-changing cuttlefish. There's even a mermaid statue, which our daughter really liked.

My wife's favorite is still Ikei, but I'll take Moon. His and Her beaches...I love this island.