Sunday, November 23, 2014

Virginia, Busch Gardens, Soccer and Halloween

 We are having an excellent Fall.
 We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa in VA.
 fun with the neighbor kids
 and Grandma
 a rainy day visit to Jamestown with plenty of animal watching
 this is our way to shoot wildlife
 then it was off to Busch Gardens with friends
 public punishment :)
 posing with the carriage
 The park really does a great job with Howl-o-scream
 fun with friends and family
 good food
 good fun
 walking the plank
 good times
 the atmosphere at night is fantastic
 day two
 posing with the great pumpkin
 teacups with Grandpa
 Elmo and Count
 fun with Mom
 someone lost her head
 a fun trip
 then back home 
 our little Marie Antoinette
 trick or treating with wolverine
 cute family
We love Halloween!
 and finally some pics of our son's soccer
They were the Hulks, and he scored three goals in one game!