Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

My parents, sister and two other brothers visited us here in Okinawa for three weeks
It was great fun to show them all of our favorite sites.
 The exotic BX food court
The pineapple park, butterfly park and aquarium were mandatory stops
This was the longest we've gone into summer without a typhoon and there were so many butterflies
 The weather was beautiful the entire visit (two typhoons missed the island)
 the touch pool
it was a pretty crowded day, with bus loads of Japanese vacationers, but they are so polite it was ok
 I can watch the big tank for a long time, but the kids usually cannot.
 We timed it to arrive at feeding time.
The whale sharks swim faster and faster and then go vertical as their feeding time approaches.
A great and full Motobu peninsula day. These two are playing in the hermit crab while wearing their crab outfits.
We spent a family night on Torii Beach; most excellent.

Then it was the 4th of July. We started the morning with a branch breakfast run by the youth then we took our family to American Village, followed by a BBQ at Uncle and Tia's
With the summer turnover, lots of people are leaving the branch. Our oldest said goodbye to his best friend at the 4th of July breakfast.
The pirates of American Village
We had to take the boys to a Japanese arcade
 sharp shooters
intense drivers (Aunt helps reach the pedals)
somewhere over the rainbow...
Much to everyone's delight, Grandpa grilled a lot
 Then a day down south to Shuri castle and Okinawa world
 A shisa at Shuri.
In front of Shuri castle gate
On the castle steps
cute kids
The king and queen and court at the castle
 Posing in the throne room
The castle dragon
Then we made our way to Okinawa World for the cave, snake show and dress up pics
 How is that for an unusual family picture?
 My good looking family
 The hats are what make it.
These hats rock, too!
 The obligatory ice cream stop
 Another great day
Then it was off to the Turtle Nest cabin at Okuma, the mil resort up north. It was big enough for all of us to be together under one roof
 scene of another BBQ
 This was the view out the front door, and as it was after the holiday weekend, we had the beach to ourselves.
 Not ugly
 My parents had a great time and even got up one morning and went swimming as a couple.
 Our idea of camping. If you look closely you can see us, but I wasn't kidding when I said we had the beach to ourselves. It was like our own private paradise.
 Amazing sunsets and beautiful family
 sunlight through the rock arch
 The next day we drove to Nakajin castle by way of Kouri island, a beautiful place connected to Okinawa by a bridge over turquoise water.
 Grandpa was kind enough to take these pictures.
 Then at Nakajin castle there was no festival or cherry blossoms, so parking was easy, but there were no people dressed up on the grounds. It was a beautiful day and we had the place almost to ourselves.
 My kids sure miss their Uncle Bob-Wah
 Up the steps to the amazing views
 My wife was sweet to be the photographer.
 now that's a view
 other islands in the distance
 We love these guys
 My sis got to celebrate her birthday while here.
Ending the trip with some American Village Fro-yo. It was a fun and fast visit. We loved being able to show this beautiful island to family.