Friday, November 18, 2011


It took us a little while but here are our Halloween pictures.

You never know who you will run into trick or treating in Japan. It would seem no matter where our son goes there is always someone around trying to coax him to the dark side.

Ok, so this is not the most flattering photo of mom but our little princess and my little pumpkin were so cute.
As our children went trunk or treating we got to see this amazing huge pumpkin displayed in our neighbors car. I am told they carved it themselves. Look out Martha Stewart, you have serious competition.
Here are my babies getting ready to plunder and pillage some Halloween booty.

Exhausted from their candy collecting, they were excited to come home and hand out the candy and visit with friends.

My kids know how to get into Halloween and they aren't ashamed to show it.
My son really enjoyed his costume and tried to do it justice by attacking his sisters room like a true pirate.
So many costumes so little time.