Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steak and Lobster

This past Saturday my sweet husband took me out for an amazing dinner. I had a list of things I couldn't leave with out doing while I was here and this was my second to last one. I got to try Kobe beef. The man of my dreams , he who literally has made it a habit of making my dreams come true no matter how big or small, took our family out for the most amazing cut of meat I have ever had in my life. If a cow and the Cadbury bunny had a baby that would be the steak I ate.

Our sweet girl had a feast in front of her that would put a smile on any child's face. However it couldn't compare with the fantastic cooking show going on right in front of her.

I didn't plan on taking any pictures of the evenings meal, but it was to spectacular not too. That and we ordered more than I thought we did. I thought we were ordering Kobe beef for two and getting a deal. We didn't realize we had also ordered pork, lobster, pasta, salad, soup desert and the list goes on. It was the best tasting ordering mistake we have ever made.

There is this amazing phenomenon that happens lately when ever my son eats ice cream. He starts by trying to fit in as much as his mouth can hold then he smiles at his accomplishment. It is only a matter of seconds before the tears and yelps of "it hurts it hurts" come from his trembling mouth. Then the process starts all over again. We have tried controlling the amount of ice cream that goes into his mouth in one bite, but it doesn't seem to matter. We finally got photo documentation of the fickle friend ice cream is to our son, one minute he is experiencing great joy and the next a torrential down poor of tears caused by a vicious ice cream headache.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forgotten China pictures, Rainy Days and Jelly Beans

The Lost China Photos

We forgot our camera one day of our China trip so my husband took pictures with his phone, we just found them and thought a couple of them were cut so we through them on here.

The red fish is our tour group.

Rainy Days

After sitting inside all day for several days waiting for it to stop raining so we could go to the park, we finally decided to just roll with the weather. Here is my cute family enjoying some very warm rainy weather in our back yard.

Soaking up the freedom of getting to be outside.

Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly has nothing on my girl.

My daughter suddenly felt it her duty to keep her brother covered by her umbrella, that didn't last long.

My family never ceases to find ways to keep me entertained and keep me smiling.

The Easter Bunny visited our home leaving a bit of a mess. Our children happily cleaned it up. Our daughter used the bag she was given however, our son felt a bag would only get in his way and just shoved all his findings into his mouth.

Our boys mouth became so full in seconds that my husband had to stop inspect it to see if he had consumed any thing with a wrapper on it and of course he had. This meant that my husband would have to carry my son into the bathroom, make him spit every thing out and then my son would start the process over again.

Our cute girl actually stopped, sat down and took a moment to soak in the glorious candy filled moment.

Baskets full of candy can't help but put a smile on every body's face. Our cute boy happily went into sugar shock and then decided he needed a bit of a nap before church. However during church it was obvious the sugar was still pulsing through his veins as he would occasionally yell out random words and phrases with no reason. The most memorable was when he loudly exclaimed "chicken" in the middle of church.