Sunday, October 23, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con Spring 16

 As part of our epic road trip we got to go to Comic-Con for the 3rd time
 This was on day 3 and was excellent.
 The first day, my oldest son and youngest brother accompanied me. This is them with good ol'
Darth Maul

 So, not all of those are statues...some are people in costume and they would grab people as they walked by.
 "I've worked with better, but not many. Thank you."
 with his favorite Ninja turtle
 so the best part of this pic is that my son knew this guy was dressed up like Ernest dressed up like an old woman...I've succeeded in giving him culture!
 it's always a good time when you can help Spidey fight Doc Oc
 with Optimus Prime
 so we were walking past this gal and I said, "Korben Dallas Multi-Pass," and she turned around and smiled and showed the pass. So we had to get a pic.

 this little family got featured on the news

 little Vader inspects the merchandise
 until they get rolled up

 we got to meet Smokey Man from the X-Files
 and Carl from the Walking Dead...that's who my brother is dressed like. He got complemented on his costume by the actor who plays the character, and he was most pleased.

 We also got to meet Director Skinner from the X-Files, and learned that he was the voice of Commissioner Gordon from Batman The Animated Series. He was a really nice guy.
 waiting in line to meet celebrities
 giving Groot a hug

 Oh the people watching...
 this gal was an amazing Liv Moore from iZombie
 very impressive
 "two by two, hands of blue"

 ending that day with some galactic Chinese food
 listening to Jason Isaacs then Jeremy Renner
 my kids got to meet Hawkeye
 and Wash; Alan Tudyk did King Candy lines for them!
 we ran into the Winter Soldier
 and a grown-up Newt and Xenomorph
 good thing we had some heroes to fight the aliens
 the kids got to hang with Batman and Princesses
 the Princesses painted my daughter's face

 We got to see Michonne also from the Walking Dead
 looking down on the craziness
 my Batman and Batgirl
 meeting some Fetts and Han in carbonite
 a lot of people had costumes on par with the Disney parks and you didn't have to stand in line for ever to get a pic with them

 great fun

 They have a set up to take your picture, and I took advantage.
 this guy told me he invented the piano key necktie
 Poison Ivy
 Hawkeye and Hulkbuster
 My sweet wife took the kids home and my brother and I ran around and got a few pictures before it was over.
 With Black Widow. I actually had people coming up to me and asking if they could get their picture with me. That was a new experience and I liked it.
 good times
 Black Panther in khakis
and this awesome Spider-Man to end it. Having been to three now, it was most fun to see the cosplay and talk to people on the floor at the convention.