Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Birthdays, Rodeo and C-17 Flight

So, I'm way behind on this thing. Here are some pictures from several months back...
We had an excellent Batman birthday 
 it was epic
 and presents
 and family
 very exciting
 Batman, Batman, Batman!
 a fox out the window at work...he didn't say anything ;)
 this cute guy
 every year they drive long-horn cattle through the base and they let the kids out to see them
 leadership gets to ride horses and the kids really enjoy it
 it's a prelude to the rodeo
 embracing the local culture
 my oldest dangerously
 my folks passed through, taking my youngest brother to college
 they were here for my daughter's birthday
 and we took her to her favorite place
 as a benefit of being here and to understand the other airframe, we get to do an instructor enrichment flight, getting to fly the other plane
 it was a beautiful day for it
 and the 17 was a blast to fly
 I got to do air refueling from the receiver position
 a unique perspective, and very difficult
 a side of the tanker I hadn't seen before
 very close
 beautiful tanker
 we also got to fly a low level...
 very low and very fast
 the best part was I got to fly with Sharon from ELDP
 she is an amazing pilot and instructor
 and it was great to fly her aircraft after I got her a flight on mine
 I got to do an assault landing and go backwards (my plane does neither of those things)
 getting into fall
 then one of my best friends from school passed through
 it was great for our kids to see each other again
 big eyes from the cute guy
see ya

Sunday, October 4, 2015

ELDP Grad in DC

Back in June I got to go to DC for the graduation and inter-agency week of the ELDP program.  As DC is only 3 hours from my folks, I got to see them and meet my new niece as well.
 The last get together for the Squad 3 Amigos
 We got to go to the State Department
 much smaller than the DoD and with a very different mission
 out the window of their dining room
 with Sharon
 State Department Selfie
 then graduation at the Pentagon
 we four were the AF grads from the cohort
 a long way from our base
 our grad certificate
 visiting monuments with my battle buddy
 a great day for it
 then walking the Mall with more "Amigos"
 "Honest" Abe's memorial
 so our nephew was serving as an intern in DC, so I met up to take him to dinner in China Town
 it was pretty cool to be in China Town after having been to China and Hong Kong
 I got to introduce him to the joy of Peking Duck
 my youngest brother had his prom and graduation while I was there
 though his graduation was on the same day as mine at the Pentagon, I was able to be there for his prom and help take pictures
 he and his date
 his buds
 and I got to meet my new niece as she and my sister were visiting my parents
 I love when I get to see family when I travel
 so fun to see family
 beautiful ladies
 the view of the Pentagon from my hotel
 and of DC
 going out for excellent food
 it was excellent
 fruit and cheese
 I got to go see Jurassic World with my brother
 gifts from my battle buddy and squad
 and back home with this cute little guy
rainbows in our neighborhood