Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snakes, Boats and Babies

My children recently received two gummy snakes. Now these snakes were big enough to give the local habu a run for their money. All day they begged and pleaded to eat them, but I was cruel and made them wait until their father could see just how impressive they were. At last the time came for the eating of the gummy snakes. My husband insisted they start with the head, and they did. It is quite the Halloween spectacle to watch my little ones biting the heads off snakes, even if they are just candy. What a fun Halloween treat.
This past weekend was our daughter's school fall festival. This being her first school event she couldn't wait to go. It was great seeing her so excited to introduce us to her friends and tell us the little details of her day. I would consider my self a lucky mom if she is always so excited to share the details of her life with me, especially when she is a teenager. The highlight of the evening for her was sitting with her friends and brother and watching a Halloween cartoon. She is the cute girl with the red shirt and the fun stuff in her hair, with her brother by her side.
Ah, a little father and son bonding time.
It was soccer Saturday again and this game happened to be a wet one. Strangely the water seemed to fuel the team and they played better than usual. They still lost as usual, but this time they put up a serious fight. They finished happy, wet and mud covered.

The other night my husband found a new place for us to have dinner. It was a fun place with a great view and good food. It is call Jack's place. My favorite part of the meal was listening to my children guess who Jack was and wonder if he was there. They refused to accept that it was simply the name of a restaurant and sure we were at Jack's house.

I think the most fascinating meal of the evening was my husband's tempura; it actually came in a boat. We determined that is how you know sea food is fresh, when it actually comes to you on a boat.

My oldest son just had such a sweet smile on his face that we wanted to share it.

Our daughter was as always more than happy to be eating her cheeseburger. She can't get enough cheeseburgers.
All in all the weekend was fabulous and exhausting. These two cute boys had a hard time waking up this morning after such a fun filled weekend.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beach Day

We went to the beach Saturday to take pictures to decorate our hallway and to play with our nice camera. These are the fun extra photos.
Beach bum baby.

Shuri Castle Revisited

We were downloading some photos on our camera today and we came across some photos that we forgot to download from our trip to Shuri castle. I thought they were particularly fun so I thought I would throw them in.

Check out that crown behind my boy.

I love the sea of umbrellas.

How cute is he.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Photos

I am officially a soccer mom and it is awesome. I remember when our daughter was still just a baby wondering if she was ever going to walk and now she is playing soccer.
My sweet boy was so excited to have an outing with just he and mom, he was all smiles. I couldn't help but being all smiles myself just seeing him so happy.
I laughed as I came across this picture the other night. A little while back as my husband and I came up the stairs to go to bed we found our son camped out and asleep in the hallway. He was so cute we had to get a photo of it.

Our children have been investigating some of the wildlife here in Okinawa. By wildlife I mean the really big bugs.
This is our kids favorite place to play, a pirate ship on the local beach.
Our daughter got the special treat of being picked up from school by dad. They walked home together past my husbands favorite spot of jungle. It really is amazing scenery.

Castles and Disco

We have been receiving a lot of rain lately, however, we decided that we had not been on an adventure in a while. No matter where you go, if it is in the rain it is always an adventure. So we decided to visit Shuri castle. The best part of our visit was of course the kids comments. Our favorite was from our daughter upon entering the building. As everyone enters we of course are understandably required to remove our shoes and carry them in a plastic bag. After a few steps without her shoes our sweet girl exclaims, "It sure is fun to walk in socks". We could not dispute that fact, it really is fun to walk in socks.
My umbrella is a shout out to the USH. I had no idea when I was given this umbrella that I would be using it so much in so many different places around the world.

These are my two babies just singing and dancing in the rain. They actually get excited about the rain because in means rain boots and splashing in puddles. Now for the disco portion of this blog. It was once again time for the Kiddie Disco at our local Officers Club. The kids can't wait to get out on the dance floor. Our daughter dances like a never ending tornado on the dance floor. Our son feels the dance floor is a little too small and so he spins himself through the dining area occasionally and briefly throwing himself on the ground in a fit of exhaustion.
The boys decided to take pictures of themselves getting wild on the dance floor. I thought they were too cute to keep to ourselves.

Friday, October 14, 2011


We realized that it has been a while since we have posted pictures of our newest addition. We are now attempting to rectify the situation before we start receiving threats. So here are some of his most recent cute moments.
Here he is actually sleeping. Yes, he not only smiles and laughs in his sleep but occasionally he sleeps with his eyes open.
We call this pose "The Scream", for the obvious reasons.
Our boy sounds like a doggy chew toy when he laughs. A squeaky never sounded so cute.
Seeing or even just hearing daddy always puts a smile on our sweet boy's face.
How cute are these sweet children and our sweet boy all dressed in white? Of course what I really love about this picture is that our oldest son doesn't care how special the moment may be, he wants to make sure that everyone knows these are his cookies.
What a great looking father and son. How lucky I am to get to have such an awesome family