Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance, Snow Day and Book Fair

 So a little while back I got to take my daughter to a dance, and she picked our outfits.
 Very dainty.
 princess about the dad in the kilt?
 as each princess was presented, they were showered with rose petals
 fun with a friend
 lollipops and roses
 and last month we had a snow day
 the dog loved it
 our snowman we built
catching snowflakes
 capes from grandma
 so cool
 then the under-the-sea book fair
good times... 
with some great kids

Thursday, April 9, 2015

ELDP San Diego

In San Diego, we got to experience Marine Basic Training first hand.
 It was definitely eye opening and different from Air Force basic.
 Marching around MCRD
 Assault Course
 Of course I had to go here and get pics for the wife. In a strange turn, I've also been to seen the bar where Desperado was filmed.
 "I feel the need..."
 Great balls of fire!
 Maverick's helmet
 Kayaking at La Jolla above the kelp forests, we could see down into them with the fish and some sea lions swam up to us.
 North Island
 The ship formerly known as a Littoral Combat Ship, now a frigate.
 We were given a tour of the LCS simulator, and I got to "drive" the ship.
 We also got to try our hand at the submarine wet trainer. We kept springing leaks and flooding. The picture doesn't tell how cold the water was. When it first hits you it is immobilizing and that yellow box is a flashlight for when the lights went out. Much respect for submariners.
 One of the most difficult tasks ever. As you tighten the patches it's like putting your thumb on the garden hose and the water comes out with such force, you really have to be careful.
 We got to tour the real thing as the Hampton was in town.
 Obligatory awesome hamburger pick since I'm a foodie.
 Walking the beach at Coronado, the same beach that the SEALs train on farther down.
 California is so beautiful
 Living here would be amazing, too bad it's not also an AF town.
 tons of helicopter traffic
 The famous Hotel del Coronado
 How's that for a sand castle?
 complete with Disney characters and all
 Purple sunsets and palm trees and perfect temp.
  The hotel looks pretty cool at night.
 Then from the air on the way home.
 Downtown San Diego and the harbor.
 An incredible time to learn more about the Marines and Navy.