Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun

Our summer has been filled with baby preparations, class and school registrations and saying lots of goodbyes and welcome homes to dad. However, we make sure to squeeze in the fun. Here are just a few photos capturing some of our happier summer moments so far.

Our diva is going through a fabulous phase of wearing gloves, curtsying and addressing us as "your highness". Our son not to be outdone insists on his full Sunday best, requesting tie, vest and all (this includes cologne, of which he has his own).

Swim lessons have definitely been one of the great highlights of the summer. Our daughter was fearless in the ocean but a little more timid in the swimming pool. This all changed after two weeks. Now she is just fearless, swimming pool or ocean.
Our daughter still isn't sure how she feels about floating on her back, but she is no quitter.

That is our daughter under the water. Jumping in was terrifying for her, now that is all she wants to do. She concurred the diving board and with every trip to the swimming pool begs to jump off the diving platform. It has been amazing that the more fearless she becomes in the water, the more fearless she becomes in other parts of her life. Although I have yet to capture it on film our son took one look and our daughters leap into the swimming pool and has decided not to be out done. One of these days I will capture his grand leaps into the water. Although the bellowing growl he lets out before he jump is really the best part.
Of course our boys favorite spot is the beach, he isn't much different from his mom. Of course the water is as warm and clear as the swimming pool.

As great as a swimming pool is, it just doesn't have sand and our son definitely goes for the sand. He only runs in the water when he just can't stand the heat any more. I am convinced that if we left him on the beach for an entire day there wouldn't be a spot left with out some kind of sand structure on it or something buried in it.

The club here has a children's disco night with a dinner buffet once a month. My husband takes our children and they love it. My favorite part is watching my cute husband dancing with our children.
These are the two coolest boys on the dance floor and they are both mine.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh Cookie!

So we had a experience not too long ago that I thought was worth mentioning. I would have posted it earlier, but I wanted to wait until I could add the photo documentation. A couple of weeks ago we decided that for family night we were going to take some time to teach our children about being kind to others. So the children and I spent the day baking what seemed like a years supply of cookies to take around to the many people we have been thinking about but haven't had a lot of time to get to know. On this same day was the birthday of a friend of mine. I thought I would attempt to surprise her with a cake. I knew with the time crunch and the heat this was not going to be easy. However I made it work, I made room so we could put each layer of cake in the freezer before and after frosting so the heat wouldn't melt my project. That evening as soon as my husband walked through the door we loaded up the cookies and the cake and set out on our planned adventure but of course the adventure did not go as planned. The children were at first so excited to surprise new friends with goodies, so much so they fought over who got to walk to the door with dad to deliver them. Unfortunately very few people were home, including my friend who I had baked the cake for. After hours of attempted and failed visits, my family (who was trying to convince me they were going die of starvation at any moment if they didn't eat dinner) pleaded for me to give up and go home. I remained determined to teach my children the joy of doing something nice for someone else, especially after spending all day baking. When my determination had officially sucked the joy out of the evening and it was well past my children's bed time, we returned home with the cake and an endless supply of cookies. While my husband got the children ready for bed, I gave my self a little pep talk while fixing supper. I tried to convince myself that the children and I would have the time and energy to try and deliver all the goodies again the next day. It was only seconds after my son had his bath that I heard his sweet little voice begging and pleading for yet another cookie to stifle his starvation. I reassured him that as soon as his father and sister joined us we would eat dinner and I expressed my confidence in his ability to endure until then. He was undeterred, and only more persistently pleaded his cause. It was then that I made the mistake of taking my eyes off him. I turned to put the cookies away completely forgetting about the cake that was sitting of the counter. I had delicately covered my creation with plastic wrap in an attempt to preserve it until the next day, but alas that was not to be its fate. Almost in slow motion I heard those horrible words slip through my sons lips in an almost lustful manner, " Oh Cookie". There before him was what he thought was the biggest cookie he had ever seen and he was sure it would satisfy his hunger. I turned, also in what felt like slow motion, in just enough time to see his tiny little hands diving into the three layer lemon blueberry cake. Then shocked by the plastic wrap he pulled his hands back, but it was too late, the cake was destroyed. It was then that my son was distracted from his hunger by the strange yet appealing feeling of squishing cake wrapped in plastic wrap through his fingers. All at once he came to his senses and gave me a look I have never seen on his face. A look of, I'm sorry mother, I don't know what came over me I must have been suffering from temporary insanity. He had actually shocked himself with what he had done. The whole experience left me speechless, with bits of laughter when I look back on the moment. However, I did take pictures, so feel free to laugh along with us or at us, what ever the case may be.