Thursday, December 31, 2015


Thanksgiving in Utah

 For Thanksgiving we drove to Utah by way of New Mexico.
 this Route 66 museum was just over the border in New Mexico
 this guy is carrying his bike on his bike...
 north out of NM into CO
 through Moab
 looking good with the grandparents

 story time
 playing in the backyard
 almost got it
 evening the odds
 hiding out
 good times

 sadly, we don't always get our way...but he's still cute
 love Grandma's yard

 Thanksgiving at their Aunt's, with Legos with their cousin

 the lovely hostess
 more cousins

 outrunning the snowstorm on the way home

 arch visible from the highway
 beautiful desert


 Church Halloween Party
 my son and I as Captain America
 dancing to "Thriller"
 my good friend was in town for instructor school
 our littlest as a sea turtle
 "You so totally rock, Squirt!"
 This one said, "This is not a costume...I am Batman!"
 my wife a La Catrina for Day of the Dead
 for her sister-in-law
 ready for trick-or-treating
 the decor
 the next day was sunny and beautiful with flowers blooming
 colored leaves

Monday, November 16, 2015

Disney World and Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party

We made it to WDW. It was epic.

So was sorting through the pictures to find the best ones for this blog. 

 My oldest son's fish impression
 some friendly grooming
 playing in Dinosaur land
 dancing in "Asia"


the best ribs in the world, Disney and otherwise
 at our favorite restaurant
 some jungle friends walking around

the gray stuff was delicious
great lunch at Beast's Castle