Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas '17

 My superheroes
 ice skating with cub scouts
 cape from grandma

 out to Hawaii for work
 the ceiling at the NEX
 this cute little guy helping me pick up leaves

 we had one or two...

 Christmas town at Busch Gardens

 and Christmas at the zoo

 Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa

 quite the haul

 F. Chang in the spirit of the holiday

 Moxy, the best cat we never had
 building the Destiny's Bounty after finishing the Lego Deathstar
 Pie in the Face game
 sledding with friends

Oceana Airshow and Halloween '17

 Batcopter and Batmobile

 our youngest loved the Blue Angels

 a quick trip to the temple slipped in before it closed for refurbishment

 trick-or-treating at Jamestown in Hagrid's house

 yellow brick road
 and Hogwarts
 and trick-or-treating on tall-masted ships
 this one was being attacked by a Kraken

 at the Poquoson seafood festival
 the ward Halloween party

 Halloween night
 so cute