Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Circus, Okinawa World and Cherry Blossoms

Kinoshita Circus, one of the three largest still active circuses in the world came to Okinawa, and we got to go. It was very professional and entertaining. The white lions were beautiful.
 A pretty fun Saturday.
A Skype call over the weekend brought to our attention that not everyone knows that my wife cut a majority of her hair off. Well, this is her new look. How cute is she?
Our next Saturday adventure was to Okinawa World. We had already been, but we went with Uncle and Tia. This drawing was on a photo booth. My wife loves the traditional Okinawan hat and the smiling Shisa is pretty funny.
The always impressive Okinawa World cave.
The cute cave bats
Riding on the coin operated Shisa.
For the snake show our guide actually spoke a little English this time.
So, the last time we saw the race between the mongoose and the sea snake it was no contest in favor of the snake, so we were shocked when the mongoose smoke him this time. It had to be because it was colder...either that or the sea snake just wasn't motivated.
The obligatory ice cream stop outside the Habu snake house. In the background are some tori gates set up as this is the year of the snake.
Action family photo. Miraculously everyone is looking at the camera.
The most fun part was everyone running around playing tag at the end.
Then, this past Saturday was the perfect combination: a sunny day, with no work and cherry blossoms in bloom.
We drove up Mt Yaedake, where the blooms grow over the road.
Ie island through a pink filter.
Painters on the roadside capturing the fleeting sights.
Then it was off to Nakajin Castle.
 Nakajin is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Amazing view from the top. This was the part of the castle where the concubines lived...the king definitely wanted to keep the women happy.
 Cherry blossoms, beautiful blue water and blue sky. I really love living here. People that don't like it obviously don't get out enough.
 Cute kids partyin' at the castle
Our oldest boy kept asking when we would get to go inside the castle. We told him the "inside" parts didn't survive.
Our youngest practicing to be a linebacker
 Getting so big so fast
Festival dancers at the castle were a great end to our day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas time on island

Merry Christmas, Everybody! We love celebrating this time of year on our wonderful island.

 Instead of snow angels, we made sand angels.

Dressed up for the holidays.

 Santa's little helper

Meeting the big guy at the O'Club to put in some last minute requests.

 The lesser known but very important Christmas Koi

 Christmas Eve pizza at Uncle and Tia's

We received a weekend of childcare and reservations at a beautiful ocean front hotel in May. 
An incredibly thoughtful gift.

Santa was kind

So excited!

Very ready to go downstairs and for dad to be done turning on the lights and starting the music.

Wait for me, guys!

 Hulk smash!

 So cool
Merry Christmas to All, and see ya