Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Lazy Saturday

So, we had a pretty rough week this past week. We were confined to our house due to the flu. It ran wild through our house and we weren't sure we could ever come back from the disturbing things we witnessed. So when Saturday rolled around we slept.... and slept. When we finally decided to face what we were praying would be our first flu free day in some time, half the day was gone. So with out some great plan of exploration mapped out for the weekend, we decided to use our fall back, the beach. We go there a lot. It is close, free and we have never encountered more than two other families their at any given visit. ( Of course it is still winter here.) So this is how we like to spend out free time when we aren't off exploring.

*Below are some pictures I couldn't think of captions for. So I thought it would be fun to see what you all come up with. The pictures are numbered s so just put down the number for the picture your captioning and lets hear it. I know you have something funny to say. The boy is preparing for his future calling as the captain of a pirate ship. Seriously, he runs around saying ARRRRR and sleeps with a toy sword. Now, it would seem he has finally found a ship to call his own, however it is a fixer upper.

Our girl loves the ocean, I think secretly she believes she is a mermaid, that is until a piece of seaweed touches her. She is terrified of the seaweed.

I had to stand behind the boy because he enjoyed letting the current pull him back into the ocean and there is a tiny drop off behind me, however it wouldn't feel so tiny to him.



The three of us were a little excited to get to the water and couldn't waite for dad, he chose to document this.

As my cute husband would tell you, this is where my brain lives. I can't disagree with that statement. It's just nice that now my mind and body have been reunited and can finally live in the same place.




It was a good day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whale Watching Day

This was a good shot because the waves weren't actually trying to devour the boats at this moment.
My boys love a good adventure.

We are thankful every one was so kind.

A moment for us to pause and reflect, ok, we were all trying not to throw up.

This look is telling us that it is time for this adventure to be over.

Okinawa World (it is an actual place not just a clever title)

Get ready to enter the cave of wonders,
and really cool bats...

and creepy crawly things that we thankfully saw very little of.

Of course it is endlessly beautiful as well.

Although nothing is as beautiful as these two.

More of Okinawa World

Oh sure the jungles are beautiful, lush green plants and flowers that will woo your senses. However, Okinawa World taught us why we don't go playing in the jungle........

Meet the Habu, although I hope I never do in the wild, and our good friend but not his, the mongoose.

This is a Habu pit. I've also notice several bars and shops with this same title around here, none of which seem appealing for all the same reasons.

Snakes don't usually bother me, then again neither do butterflies, but a pile of anything lying all over each other is disturbing especially when it can kill you.

Ah nothing like exotic tropical ice cream to sooth the nerves and the soul. Yes, my family prefers to eat rather than be eatin. Ice cream is a pleasant reminder of where we sit on the food chain.

Monday, February 21, 2011

These little worms look like something off of Sesame Street don't you think.
Yes, all fish tanks need cleaning no matter how big they are.

I hope you enjoyed this small view of our first trip to the aquarium to see the whale sharks and the other things that can eat us.

And So It Begins

Today is a day that shall not soon be forgotten. After requests by several friends and family members we have finally started a blog. Now I am sure you are all wondering about the title of this blog so I shall explain. Many years ago I saw a sign that claimed "Home is where the toothbrush is". I am very happy to say that I have found this statement to be a very fitting description of my life and thus the title.

As many of you may or may not know, my family and I currently reside on a small island with the Pacific Ocean to our east and the East China Sea to our west. It is here I will happily keep my tooth brush until another adventure of travel and intrigue shall take my tooth brush else where. If you would like, feel free to follow along as we take these adventures or even on those that do not require the relocation of my toothbrush.

* Warning The Toothbrush Memoir may contain opinions and points of view that could cause temporary to permanent mental distortion or a fabulous sense of enlightenment.

I know most people look at blogs to see the photos so I will enclose a couple from the some of the adventures we have had since we have been here. The first I consider to be one of my husbands greatest travel accomplishments, it took place in the Sea-Tac air port and I call it "The Leaning Tower of Luggage".