Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween and Scary Things

It was a very happy Halloween at our house, as the Mom was out of the hospital and able to be with us and hand out candy
Every year there has been an excellent costume that I have had to get a picture of to put on this blog, this year it was Bane
Now to the scary things. These are the time lapse pictures of the dreaded spider bite.

 My wife didn't feel the bite when it happened. It was on our back porch cleaning up after the last big typhoon on October 2nd. This picture was 12 hours after the bite, and it made this blister and started to hurt at this point. She went to the ER while I had to go crawl through the jungle for survival training. The irony that I was fine low crawling in the jungle for 8 hours and she got bit on our back porch.
This was after the first two doctor visits. The ink outlines are the perimeter of the swelling and subsequent infection. Look how bad the bite is. On the first visit she was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics.
She got bit on Tuesday and this was on Saturday. She failed outpatient procedures, was unable to keep anything down and was actually going into renal failure as the venom was shutting down her kidneys.

She spent the next eight days in the hospital with IVs flushing her kidneys and the foot getting worse. This is her zombie impression.
Always in good spirits. 
The docs decided that she needed surgery, and this is the post op pic. They did debridement to remove the dead tissue and were surprised how deep the actual bite was.

This was one of our two surgeons. She was very good and looks twenty years younger than she is. Of the two surgeons one was a "poker" and one was a "peeler", she was the poker.
This is actually getting better. 

All the while, life went on.
 Shopping with Dad and the comissary.

 Our daughters friend's baptism at the beach.

 Our baby flirting with one of the young women during her visit.

 My wife's counselor came by and helped our daughter with her homework and did makeup for her for fun.

 There was a Japanese food night at the Club, this is the kids eating tempura and yakitori 
(aka meat on a stick)

 Skyping with the grandparents.

 Beautiful flying on occasion 

A million times better, but my wife still calls it "Franken-foot"