Friday, May 23, 2014

Dallas Comic Con

 How awesome is this? This picture was really the reason for us going to another Comic Con so soon, that and the fact that Uncle Bob-wa didn't get to go to that much of the Salt Lake City one due to finals.  This is most of the cast of Firefly.  Originally, they were supposed to all be there, but Alan Tudyk, who plays Wash, and Morena Baccarin, who plays Inara, had to cancel at the last minute due to some acting roles that came up. Regardless, it was awesome! And my sweet wife got us in at the front of the line while everybody is still all smiles before being burned out by what feels like a million pictures.
I love that you can read the Firefly shirt so well, that my oldest son doesn't look overly sad, that my daughter is by the actress whose character she is dressed like, that my youngest is awake, and that this was post talking to Adam Baldwin so he knows I'm an (as he put it) aviator in the service and he's happy to stand next to me. All in all, a very cool experience.
 To maximize our time (get it?) my wife, brother and daughter went to the Nathan Fillion panel while my sons and I got this pic with Doc Brown and the DeLorean. If he had had some plutonium we could have done both.
 This is Michael Rooker, Merle from The Walking Dead. He was very cool. My wife didn't want to be in the photo, but he said, "come on, Mama, you didn't come all the way here to not be in a photo with me." She said that, other than our kids, that was the coolest time she's been called Mama.
 High five to Sean Maher, Simon Tam from Firefly
 My oldest son did not want to dress up, so he's got the alien in disguise t-shirt.
 Michonne cosplay. The cool part about another con so soon was that we were able to compare the two. Dallas had much more space and the people were more chill and down to earth.
 That is, as much as anyone is that dresses up like a super hero.
 some pretty incredible costumes
 even Wolverine has to buy a ticket, though
 this Beast was impressive
 Her eyes are purple. So many really good costumes, and the eyes really sell them.
Our wookie with a big plush one.
 another Chun Li, this time with Ryu
 a Star Wars Land Speeder
 The car from Supernatural. You can even see Dean and Sam's coats on the chairs.
 a well stocked trunk for demon killing
 We named the dog Indiana
 a really good Rick from The Walking Dead
 Riddler and Harley
 our daughter with a pretty good Kaylee
 How's that for a lineup?
 here's a scary dude
but not as scary as this guy. What the...?
 We got to go to a Stan Lee panel. 
 He was hilarious.
 It put some to sleep, though.
waiting in line for Adam Baldwin's panel
 the sunlight through the ears was funny
 toys help the wait
 very entertaining
 Adam Baldwin was super cool. The following day we got his autograph, and he had his volunteer pull us out of line because we had little kids. He asked where we lived, I told him where we were stationed, and he thanked me for serving. A real class act and the more we see him the more we like him (not usually the case with celebrities).
 My wife got a pic of him watching himself on the trailer for the new show Last Ship.
 Gambit and Jubilee. Check out his eyes.
 watch out for zombie Captain America
 This Spider-Man was very impressive.
even Peter and Tink flyin' around
 we ran into some more Firefly character kids
 posing with Spider-Man
 and some X-Men villains
 some really good Firefly cosplay
 feeling the Serenity causes some to pass out
 he had a good long nap in line
 our daughter made a cute Kaylee, and Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee, agreed
 David Morrissey-The Governor, signing for Uncle Bob-wa
We got to talk to Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Troi on TNG, but my kids know the Gargoyles cartoon, where she voiced Demona. As we were talking, I asked the kids if they thought she sounded like Demona, and she said, "No, I don't sound like Demona, Demona sounds like this." Then she did her voice and made our daughter jump. It was amazing. Super nice and such a funny lady.
 now that's a costume
Scott Pilgrim and Ramona
 Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin talking
 Zoe, Wash and Baby Jayne family
 Bounty Hunter Leia and Storm Trooper
 I think he's Colossus from X-Men
 Cobra Commander
 The Governor and Merle at the Walking Dead panel.
 They were pretty funny.
 Darth Maul
 Our Kaylee with Kaylee's Shindig dress. No strawberries, though, and Jewel Staite actually said that she doesn't like strawberries.
 How about those eyes?
Two Super Girls
 Beebop, Rocksteady and a Foot soldier!
 When our youngest saw the Ninja Turtles he cheered and said, "Yeah, I've found the good guys!" So in his mind, surrounded by all these bad guys he finally found the good guys. It was very cute.
 You can see how happy he is.
 Thanks, Mikey!
 And thanks, Donnie!
 The cosplay parade.
 Cyclops and Rogue
 Zelda and Link
 Us, minus wife taking the picture.
It's nice when Doc Oc and Spidey can get along.
 The Firefly panel. Over 4500 people there, standing room only, and you can see a video from Joss Whedon on the screen on the right. We had really good premium seats, thank goodness. We are about 8 rows back right of center.
 Pretty impressive for a show that has been off the air for over a decade and never finished it's first season.
 Their dynamic is fun to watch.
 You can really tell they are all friends.
 What a blast!
 Summer Glau was going to answer a question, but Nathan Fillion interrupted her because...
 he had a facetime call from Alan Tudyk in Australia. So we did see all of the cast except Morena Baccarin.
 See ya later, Raph
 another Zelda and Link
 The importance of the weapons check...this Jedi couldn't get his light saber to light.
 walking around downtown Dallas on a beautiful sunny day
 How cute is that kid?
 some of the architecture was impressive
 we like statues
but this one was a little creepy. It said it, "we're keeping our eye on you." So with that, I think we are Comic Con-ed out for a while, but we'll "see."
You stay classy, Dallas.