Saturday, October 4, 2014

Airshow Fun

 We have been to one or two airshows, but this one was really a blast. Probably because the kids were old enough to enjoy it.
 My beautiful family.
 great static displays
 I spent the morning volunteering at a booth selling these toy planes, and when my kids showed up, they each had to have one.
 great aerial displays
 the day started out cold but turned out nice
 my kids on the first plane I flew in pilot training
 she of course wanted a Thunderbird
 this guy wanted a buff
 this guy could fly
 quick break in the C-5
 nose art on the C-130 gunship
 flying their planes while watching others
 a jet powered fire engine
 most impressive
 Wings of Blue jumpers out the back of a C-17
 they put on a great show
 the jumpers high jump star burst
 also impressive
 Yay, USAFA!
 the MiG demo
 gun in the back of the Osprey
 she looks a little too comfortable there...
 snack break...check out the high class ear protection
 then the Thunderbirds
 my wife got some great shots
 checking out the cockpit of an Eagle
 an HH-60, the same that my wife got a ride on in Okinawa
It was a great day out, and though we all got crazy sunburned, it was definitely fun.