Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome To Bali
This is the entrance to our hotel, it is fun to be welcomed at the end of the day with these cool dancers. Here are a few photos around the hotel.

Mom liked not having to cook or do dishes for a week. Wahoo 24 hour room service.

Of all the resteraunts in our hotel alone, this was our favorite place to eat.

                                         We had a room with a couple of amazing views.

Although there were pleanty of shops in the hotel, we decided to venture to a market for a few minutes one day.

Our first night at the hotel there was a rather spectacular Indian wedding. The bride's dress as well as the entire wedding was truley something spectacular.

We got a chance to go to the Bali Safari Marine Park. There were so many amazing animals that we couldn't include pictures of them all. Instead, we included pictures of the ones we were in shock that we were so close to.

Our son and daughter both got a chance to pet this lion. When our daughter took her turn  the lion let out quite a roar. This is the photo of her wide eyed as she was hesitant to pet the lion again.
They had a pair of white tigers. You see them, and they see you, baby!

This orangutan was supposed to sit next to my son but she liked him so much she crawled up on his lap.

When the monkey put her arm around my husband our baby took the opportunity to tickle her.

Yes, we took these pictures and no I can't believe we were close enough to do it.

Feeding the very friendly Asian Elephant bananas. 

Our daughter got to dance with some of the performers after a dinner show at our hotel.

We spent some time at Monkey Park, appropriately named. A couple of the monkeys followed us out afterwards and stole a roll from my son. He thought they were great until that point. The monkey actually sat and ate the roll right next to him rubbing it in.

The Bali rainforest in Ubud, at the Monkey Park.

Did you hear the one about the monkies? Hilarious...

One thing we didn't get a chance to do when we were in China was to go see the rice terraces, so we went and saw them in Tegalalang, Bali.

Trying to get down the hill was a little difficult in parts, especially for little ones, so this nice woman came running to help us. She then asked for some money to express our grattitude. My husband gave her some, and she then expressed that we weren't grateful enough and that she wanted more money.

Our kids were excited to meet the dancers from one of the big dance shows in town.

Our hotel gave us a free tour to a sea turtle sancuary where we got to play with the turtles and a few other animals. There is not much cuter than a baby sea turtle.

"I Wanna Iguana"

This snake kept thinking my baby was his lunch; thankfully they had its mouth taped closed, enough that our baby was safe for the picture and for our kids to pet it. After the photo we had to get away from it because it kept going for the baby even when other people were holding it. Not cool.
 Here they were showing us how if you gentley rub the bottom of the bat's feet he will open his wings.
On our last day of outings. my husband took us to go see two of the local temples. After a beautiful drive we made it to our first of two stops, Tanah Lot. The ocean provides amazing scenery and was a little intimidating with pounding waves. I was surprised by how the ducks didn't seem bothered by how close the ocean waves came to them. Of course our kids' favorite part was the ducks.


Next we went to Uluwatu, a temple surrounded with monkeys on the edge of a cliff. Here we watched them perform the Kecak dance as the sun set. The dance had many colorful characters but we only included pictures of a couple. The end of the dance concluded with one of the monkey characters stomping out a rather large fire that had been lit on the ground just in front of us.

How about the mandatory purple skirt? Studly

I love to take pictures of the amazing things poeple can carry on a scooter; these were just a couple of my favorites this time.

That was our trip to beautiful Bali