Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Trip to Utah

So my beautiful wife got me the most amazing Christmas present she ever has...VIP tickets to SLC Comic Con and this was our trip to Utah for said event. It was a blast, and I will cover it in the next entry, but this will be the added bonuses of a trip to Utah.
 getting to see Great Grandma
 helping their uncle with exercise
 barefoot in Utah grass
 like nowhere else
all of the blossoms in bloom
 at her parents
 This peach tree in the back looked like the Japanese cherry blossoms.
 Grandpa A made a gift of boots and spurs (not to be used on the child's father)
 still barefoot in the back
 until it got cold. And all who know my packing will laugh that my kids didn't have coats with them (why would we need them? Its the rockies in Spring...) so we had to borrow. Oh, by the way, I think this is modified Quidditch.
 Don't fall off your broom, Harry!
 Then my gracious cousin had us over so my kids could play with their second cousins.
 watching the Pirate Fairy for family night
great friends on their trampoline
 We got to meet up with more great grandparents to go to the airplane museum. This is in front of Popper's plane.
 our youngest was the most excited
 It was cool for the kids to see all of their relatives' planes in the same place.
 a great experience
 pointing out Popper's name on the wall
 getting their photo in front of Grandpa E's plane
 little pilots
 our human totem-pole up to Grandpa's cockpit
 Both grandpa's planes were in line for this great shot. The muscle cars of fighter aircraft!
 Uncle Bob-wa was up at the base for a physical and finished in time to meet up with us.
 too cool
in front of Popper's other plane...the one with his name on it
 such a blessing to have him tell the kids what it was like to fly on these before GPS
 Then photos in front of their dad's plane; mine looks older and worse than most of the others in the museum...I've flown a couple recently that look like this...
with GG
Then it was off to the dinosaur park.
 Don't eat me!
 It's ok, Kid, it's a veggie-saurus.
 Easter morning egg and jellybean hunt
 grandma in the background
And I leave you with the blossoms. It was such a pleasure to see the colors in Utah in Spring.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hawaii on the way home

To ease our transition from our tropical island back to the central time zone we stopped off in Hawaii.
 We stayed at the Disney resort Aulani
 It's next to the Marriott in Ko'olina
 while we were waiting for check in we drove around Oahu
 The beach was nice, but after Okinawa and Thailand we couldn't help but compare.
 We were able to be on the beach without dive shoes, and that was nice.
 a present from me to me was snorkeling with spinner dolphins and green sea turtles
 the morning was dark and stormy, but as is usual for Hawaii, it cleared up nicely
 there is the pod underneath us
 they played around the boat, jumping, spinning (hence the name) and surfing in the wake
 so many of them, slapping the water, swimming upside down and playing
 they are good size
 racing along side
 surfing along the bow
 approaching the turtle cleaning station
 right above it
 then back to the marina
 the height of the mountains and the drop off of the water was such a contrast to Okinawa
 At the turtle cleaning station they came in to have the fish eat the parasites off them.
 The snorkeling was excellent, but it made me miss my regulator; I just can't hold my breath long enough to stay down with them as much as I like. Needing to breath, such a chore...
 from the balcony we could see humpback whales surfacing
 beautiful sunsets
 the kids favorite part was the pool area
 they had such a good time playing together
 and seeing the special guests
 poor kid was so sick at this point
 I just went round and round the lazy river to let him sleep.
 Hanging with Chip 'n Dale, we were wrapped in towels because 80 degrees felt cold
 Our youngest loved their aquarium.
 those fish are fun to watch
 Menehune - the Hawaiian playful dwarfs
 rainbows on the way to the PCC
 the dinner was fun, but we were all crazy sick
 putting on a good face nonetheless
 Mele Kalikimaka
Then it was time to trade in the sand for Utah snow