Monday, October 22, 2012

Some couple-of-month-old birthday photos

Its been a while since our Bali post, and we'll explain why in the next post, but here are some birthday pics from the baby and our daughter's big days.
 How cool is this guy?
 Crazy hair day: he wanted monster hair and she wanted princess hair
This is our daughter getting her toe nails done at Coco's with her mom for her birthday. She adjusted to being pampered quickly and with surprising ease.

 Time for presents
 Great times with Uncle and Tia

One year old
 Pizza for dinner

 Birthday cupcake
 Then it was our daughter's birthday a week later

 This was her first real birthday party. Here they made party dresses out of TP and party favors.

 A mermaid cake, of course
 Again, time for presents.

Breaking the piƱata
Since her party was during the week we got a deal on the large bouncy castle...she loved it. The only downside was that it weighed about 200 lbs. That was no big deal when Uncle was there to help, but he had to go fly so Dad got to roll it up a put it away by himself. Our daughter's worth it, though. Our oldest son is now looking forward to his b-day.