Sunday, August 2, 2015

ELDP to TX again then Baby

 We turned right around and went back to Texas for ELDP (previous years had gone to C-Springs for NORTHCOM and the Academy which would have been better). This is Ft Sam Houston and it was really cool.
 In the Quadrangle they have peacocks and deer roaming around
 as it was Spring, the birds were full-on putting on a show
 it was quite a sight to see
 definitely rivalries
 the deer were completely domesticated
 I think these three are a little late for this lady.
 look at the eggs
 it was a really amazing thing to see
 commander housing
 This is the old BAMC (Brook Army Medical Center)
 The San Antonio Riverwalk
 The Squad 3 Amigos
 We then went to see the working dogs at Lackland.
 they took volunteers to get bit...I didn't raise my hand
 can't outrun that cop
 Then we toured New BAMC
 and the Center for the Intrepid
where they rehabilitate wounded warriors
 an impressive facility
 but I had to miss the rest of this trip to drive home for the birth of this sweet little guy
 he was so quiet and observant, just like his sister was when she was born
 his beautiful mom
 little miracle
 almost 9 lbs
 end of school assemblies for the oldest two
 oldest boy of ours up on the back row, he did a great job!
 finishing up it's almost time to start 1st grade
 visiting their new brother
 holding him for the first time
 One of the former YW from Kadena was able to fly out and watch the kids for us so we could be at the hospital...she was a true livesaver for us.
 Bringing the little guy home.
 so cute!
 I then got to eat lunch at the cafeteria with the older two.
 very fun
 and our daughter's assembly performance
 they had her sing that Oklahoma is the best state, so I asked her after if she believed that and she said no. So proud of that girl. So I asked what is, and she said she didn't know but it could be CA, FL or NY or VA...
 He is such a good baby! We tell all the kids that they make it easy to have more when they are so sweet.
 at the two week well-baby appointment
 such a good big sister
and we leave you for now with Commissary trip with Dad