Sunday, May 31, 2015

ELDP TX National Guard

For our National Guard/Border Patrol trip we went to Laredo, Camp Swift and Camp Mabry and Navy Ft Worth
 The TX Jt Counterdrug TF was impressive
 At a run-down drug house that was identified for destruction, you can see one of the articles that fell and grew at the entrance.
 the guard partners with Border Patrol and the city to remove these houses
 they made quick work of it
 all gone
 this is the road on the border
 the Laredo rail bridge across the Rio Grande
 Our southern border
 we commuted around Texas in vans
 Beautiful Camp Swift
 our barracks
 we got to shoot a 50 Cal and an M240 machine gun, ammo behind us
 then we got an HH60 ride
 waiting for our ride
 the birds
 the cockpit
 sitting by the open door
 following lead
 my boot by the edge
 counter-drug drone
 static displays at Camp Mabry
 impressive tail flash
 we set up a traveling Vietnam memorial wall
 it was an excellent experience, though we had to race the inbound thunderstorms
 dinner at an Indian restaurant
 goat curry
 we had a C-130 ride with the TX ANG
as everyone was strapping in, the Nav came back and recognized me; he was friend from flight school and the Academy, so he had me come up and ride in the cockpit with him
 we got to see the mobile emergency operations center, which I'm sure is getting plenty of work with the current flooding
 from this trip I brought the kids candy apples
 they were a hit
 oh yeah
 then it was farewell to TX until the following month when I returned to San Antonio

Monday, May 25, 2015

ELDP Ft Benning

To learn about the army we went to Ft Benning, and my sister and her husband just happen to be stationed there for training.
Several in the class threw a baby shower for me and the others whose significant others are expecting and it was great to take my Sis and brother-in-law
At the school of infantry 
 The tank simulator bay
 taking it for a drive
 sims are always a good time
 full motion, I took it off jumps and tried to roll it
 on a simulated mission
 the counter-IED training center
 definitely a learning organization
 Then we met the Army marksmanship team
 impressive world champions
 they let us shoot their air pistols and air rifles
 they are really good teachers
 shooting in the bulls eye, if you get it it's a ten and then how centered you get it is a higher decimal point
 this is their olympic outfit
 come with me if you want to live
 this was our escort's car...very nice
 then it was on to the Humvee rollover trainer
 this thing would totally tip upside-down and then you practice getting out
 real tanks...we did not get to drive those around, unfortunately
 then we went to the ranger school to repel and run on their obstacle course
 part of the course
 some of the Squad 3 amigos
 the tower
 We did not go down Aussie style, but it was impressive to see
 Then we went to the Infantry Museum
 displays of all of our nations conflicts
 it was an impressive set up
 down to the current conflicts
 I was most impressed with what soldiers had acquired that they had donated to the museum
 like Goering's baton
 Japanese swords
 a soldier took that bust of Hitler and turned it upside down and used it as a waste basket
 Saddam's sword
 such a blessing to get to learn more about the Army and to visit with family
pretty nice base housing